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Providing certification training since the year 2000, Whizlabs is the pioneer among online training providers across the globe. We are dedicated to helping you learn the skills you need to transform your career in the IT industry. These changes aim to make Microsoft’s certification program more relevant,
focused, and aligned with industry needs. The new certification paths and continuous
learning model are designed to help individuals stay up to date with the latest skills
and knowledge needed for their job roles.

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10 Best Database Certifications for Career Growth.

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Students will explore relational data offerings, provisioning and deploying relational databases, and querying relational data through cloud data solutions with Azure. Students will learn the fundamentals of database concepts in a cloud environment, get basic skilling in cloud data services, and build their foundational knowledge of cloud data services within Azure. Students will explore non-relational data services, provisioning and deploying non-relational databases, and non-relational data stores with Microsoft Azure. Students will explore the processing options available for building data analytics solutions in Azure. Students will explore Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, and Azure HDInsight. Students will learn what Power BI is, including its building blocks and how they work together.


We leverage our partnership benefits of courseware customization to build end to end technology training solutions. Interact face-to-face with vendor certified trainers AT OUR TRAINING CENTER IN SARASOTA, FL – OR – attend the same instructor-led live camp ONLINE. Microsoft has aligned Azure certifications and training to job roles – focusing on Admin, Dev or Architect. Each certification requires 2 exams and no certification has any prerequisite certification requirements. Microsoft has made some changes to its certification program and knowing
about these changes can help you plan for future certifications. This tip will cover the current certification path related to Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Let’s take a look at two certifications that are available to give you an
    idea of the provided information.
  • This camp is intended for data professionals managing data and databases who want to learn about administering the data platform technologies that are available on Microsoft Azure.
  • It is recommended that candidates have a strong understanding
    of SQL Server and database administration concepts before taking the exam.
  • Hands-on
    experience with Azure SQL Database and Azure Virtual Machines is also recommended.

Additional content, videos, labs & demonstrations are provided to expand on advanced topics – providing additional insight and perspective. Certification Camps training is not the typical book & PowerPoint presentation sql dba developer found at any local training center. At most training centers – learning starts on the first day of class and ends on the last day. Our boot camp training program is designed to offer resources before, during and after.

Exam Prep DP-300: Azure Database Administrator Associate

You can access your lectures, readings, and assignments anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device. IT professionals who have a thorough knowledge of data processing languages, such as SQL. Let’s take a look at two certifications that are available to give you an
idea of the provided information.

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CAMPUS INTERNET – The campus is connected with a 1Gbps (1,000 Mbps) Verizon Fios Business Connection which provides complete internet (including VPN) access for students. In select learning programs, you can apply for financial aid or a scholarship if you can’t afford the enrollment fee. If fin aid or scholarship is available for your learning program selection, you’ll find a link to apply on the description page.

Chapter 2:  Azure Storage Operations

Therefore, an updated certification such as DP-300 could open up favorable options for employment of database administrators. Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 is
a certification exam offered by Microsoft that validates a candidate’s understanding
of core data concepts in Microsoft Azure. The exam is designed for individuals who
want to start a career in data-related roles, such as data analysts or data engineers. It is also suitable for professionals who work with data and want to enhance their
skills and knowledge of Azure data services. Certification Camps has developed a comprehensive training / delivery format which focuses on learning beyond the core content accessible to any Microsoft training provider. Our program incorporates interactive demonstrations with explanations which go beyond the content of the book.